The National Iranian Oil Company says it will attend a London conference with the goal of attracting $40 billion of investment in 40 oil industry projects The conference is reportedly set for two days in March of 2015.

IRNA reports that the Deputy Director of Consolidated Planning for the National Iranian Oil Company, Moshtagh Gohari, said on Monday December 8 that most of the projects are linked to the Southern Pars Fields.

The London conference was first planned for the fall of 2014, but with the lack of concrete progress in the nuclear negotiations between Iran and the 5+1, officials at the National Iranian Oil Company felt it was wise to postpone.

In November, the nuclear negotiating parties extended their deadline for reaching a final agreement by another eight months to July 2015.

Iranian officials also indicate that they will provide new forms of partnership at the conference, which would see the Iran’s oil company delegate all responsibility for exploration, development and production activities.