A suicide attack in Sanaa, the capital of Yemen, near the residence of Iranian ambassador Hossein Niknam, left one person dead, but the ambassador was not harmed.

According to a report on Reuters on Tuesday December 3, a vehicle carrying the bomb crashed into the building where the ambassador resided and exploded upon collision.

Yemeni security forces report that one guard was killed and another six people were injured. The news network Al Mayadeen, which is close to the Islamic Republic, reported six people were killed in the attack.

Marzieh Afkham, a spokeswoman for Iran’s Foreign Ministry, has already confirmed the attack on the ambassador’s residence.

Ambassador Niknam, who had presented his credentials to the Yemeni foreign minister on December 2, was not at his residence at the time of the attack.

Iran is considered one of the chief foreign supporters of Yemen’s Houthi forces, which have taken over large portions of Yemen including Sanaa.

Iran has named Ansar Al-Sharia, (the Yemeni branch of Al-Qaida) as the main suspect in the attack.