The Tehran Cultural Heritage Office has complained to Tehran City Hall about “trespassing” at the Einoldoleh building, one of the city’s historic buildings.

The Einoldoleh garden and building go back to the Qajar dynasty and, according to the Cultural Heritage Office, construction activity and digging in the vicinity of this heritage building has now trespassed the protected borders of the property.

The Einoldoleh building has been registered on Iran’s National Heritage list since 1999. The building originally belonged to Einoldoleh, who was chancellor to Mozaferedin Shah of Qajar, and several historic events took place there, such as the meeting between Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin and Theodore Roosevelt in Tehran during the Second World War.

The building was taken over in 1992 and 11,000 square metres of the gardens was sold. In 1999, excavation to a depth of 1,000 metres led to the destruction 1,000 trees in the gardens.

Once the Cultural Heritage Office took over protection of the building, it banned or restricted all forms of construction activity in the vicinity, but throughout the years developers have continuously tried to negotiate deals to build near this historic building.