Iran's Mohammad Javad Zarif, the EU's Catherine Ashton and the US State Secretary John Kerry met in Vienna to discuss the final lap of the nuclear negotiations on Thursday November 30, according to the ISlamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).

THe report quotes an unidentified member of the Iranian delegation saying that today's two hour meeting did not produce any new proposals and the talks are to continue tomorrow.

IRNA adds that Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif will also meet with his British and French counterparts today Friday November 21.

In the US, republican senators continue to criticize the Obama adminsitration for allegedly softening its stance with Iran saying that it is unacceptable to leave Iran with the right to enrich uranium. They are also calling on the administration to put human rights issues on the negotiation table in Vienna.

The parties have a deadline of November 24 to reach a final comprehensive deal.