Kianoush Rostami

Kianoush Rostami, Iranian weightlifter in the 85 Kg category became the world champion for 2014 in his discipline lifting 178 kilograms in snatch and 213 kilograms in the clean and jerk.

Rostami previously had won gold at the 2011 youth weightlifting championships in Paris and a bronze medal at the London Olympics.

The World Weightlifting Championships are being hosted by Kazakhstan fro November 8 to 16 and the six athletes with the highest points on each caravan will be eligible to participate in the Rio de Janeiro Olympics for their teams in 2016.

Rostami has won Iran's first gold medial in these championships, In the 85 kilogram catergory, Bulgarian lifter Ivan Markov won silver and Russian Artem Okulov won Bornze.

Rostami credited his coach Bahman Zareh, for preparing him for the championships and providing him with relentless support and training.