Shahindokht Molaverdi

The president’s adviser on women’s affairs announced today that there has been no progress in the investigations regarding acid assaults on women in Isfahan.

Shahindokht Molaverdi told reporters that the ministers of the interior, intelligence and justice have delivered their reports to the president. She added that the reports indicate there are “no clues” in this matter; therefore, there has been no progress in apprehending the perpetrators.

Last month, in a series of attacks, a number of women in the city of Isfahan were assaulted by bikers who threw acid on their faces and hands. The incidents generated public protests as people called on the authorities to arrest the perpetrators and keep women safe.

The security forces in Isfahan announced earlier that their investigations had in fact uncovered clues and that arrests were imminent. They insisted that the incidents were isolated affairs carried out by one individual.

Some have connected the attacks to the discussions around hijab enforcement by Basij volunteers.

The judiciary has announced that it is revisiting the penalties for acid throwing to raise the maximum sentence for such a crime.