The trilateral talks in Muscat between Iran, US and EU representatives stated their third day on Tuesday November 11 at 11 A.M. with Iranian foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, US Secretary of State John Kerry and former EU foreign policy chief, Catherine Ashton taking part.

The Iranian delegation is also meeting separately with the Russian and Chinese delegation and there may be a meeting with representatives from German France and Britain.

There has been some speculation that the talks may continue through to Wednesday.

The points of discussion are focused on the level of uranium enrichment and Iran's uranium stores as well as the lifting of international sanctions against Iran.

Senior Iranian diplomat Abbas Araghchi told reporters that he cannot report on nay specific progress in the negotiations yet. However, he expressed doubt about reaching a final agreement by November 24, the deadline set by the parties to finalize a deal.

Meanwhile Jen Psaki, White House spokesperson has said that there is still time to reach a final agreement.