Authorities in Sistan-Baluchistan announced on Tuesday October 28 that they have arrested suspects accused in the illegal disposal of agricultural chemical toxins in the sewers of Zahedan and poisoning scores of students and other city residents.

On October 23 students and citizens flooded hospital emergency wards in Zahedan with poisoning symptoms and high levels of toxins were found in their systems.

Investigations by local city and public health officials immediately revealed a pungent smell leading to the discovery of barrels that had been used for storing chemical pesticides. The barrels were reportedly washed out allowing waster water to stream into sewers.

Gases emanating from the sewers caused widespread poisoning in students in a nearby school along with other residents.

The incident affected 235 students causing serious respiratory problems and vomiting, according to the ministry of health and the school had to be shut down for clean up.