The committee established to follow up on the charges against Iranian tycoon Babak Zanjani, who’s accused of failing to pay back trillions of toumans he owes to Iran’s oil ministry, says it is not certain whether Zanjani is in prison.

In a report by the Shargh daily on Wednesday October 8, Amir Abbas Soltani, a member of the investigating committee, said Babak Zanajani’s location is not clear at this point, adding: “We have doubts whether Zanjani is in prison.”

Zanjani owed 8.6 trillion toumans to the oil ministry and was arrested last December.

Soltani said: “The members of Zanjani’s team are a gang. They have their own mafia and make up Babak Zanjanis. Babak Zanjani could not accomplish these things alone.”

He went on to say: “Zanjani’s situation is ideal. He is probably even more comfortable that when he was free. He has no worries and his agents are active all over the ministries as well as the economic and political system. Babak Zanajani is not currently free but hundreds of people like him are continuing his work outside the prison.”

Zanjani was purportedly enlisted by the Ahmadinejad administration to assist in getting around sanctions and selling oil on the international market.