Seven members of the group that made a YouTube video of the song “Happy” in Tehran have been sentenced to 99 lashes for “illicit relations” and a fine of 600,000 toumans for making “a vulgar video.”

Earlier reports indicated that they were all also sentenced to imprisonment; however, it has now been confirmed that only one of the group has been sentenced to a suspended prison sentence.

Farshid Rofogaran, the lawyer for those arrested, told Iran Wire last week that Reyhaneh Taravati’s charges were heavier because alcoholic beverages were found on the premises. He added that in addition to the lashes and the monetary fine, she has also been given a six-month suspended jail sentence.

Rofogaran also reported that because the group members are so young and don’t have prior convictions, all sentences have been suspended for three years.

The group made a video clip of themselves dancing to Pharrel Williams’ “Happy” and posted it on YouTube, which led to their identification and arrest by Iranian authorities.