Iranian President Hassan Rohani says that “so long as the rights of the Iranian people are not compromised”, Iran is prepared to enter into an agreement with world powers.

President Rohani, who is currently in New York to attend the UN General Assembly, told UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon that Iran is committed to all international agreements and the International Atomic Energy Agency’s provisions, and it wishes to pursue its peaceful nuclear program.

Rohani added that reaching an agreement in the nuclear disputes can be a win-win situation for all parties and he expressed every hope that the UN chief would carry out all his responsibilities in bringing these negotiations to fruition.

Ban Ki-moon said that he hopes the negotiations reach a resolution and the parties take advantage of this opportunity. He also expressed gratitude for Iran’s role in the peaceful establishment of a new Iraqi cabinet.

In reference to ISIS threats, Rohani stressed: “The current problems in Iraq and Syria were triggered by issues that began in Syria three years ago. If the budding of this group had been nipped at that time, we would not be witnessing such atrocities today. Unfortunately, at that time, some countries thought that by supporting such groups, they could topple a government that was not to their liking.”

Iran has not been included in the U.S. efforts to build an international coalition against ISIS. The Iranian Supreme Leader has said the U.S. has dubious intentions in confronting ISIS.

Iran does not support the U.S. bombing of Syria, which started this week as a part of U.S. action against ISIS.