Mohammadreza Rahimi

Former Iranian vice president Mohammadreza Rahimi has received the court’s verdict in the matter of financial fraud charges, according to his lawyer.

Mohammadreza Naderi, Rahimi’s lawyer, told ILNA that the decision was issued on Monday September 15 but he refused to provide any further details.

Earlier, Iran’s Prosecutor General had announced that former vice president Mohammadreza Rahmi had been sentenced to cash fines and imprisonment.

Rahimi’s lawyer emphasized that his client will appeal the verdict before the 20-day window elapses.

Rahimi is being linked to financial fraud involving the Iran Insurance Company and the Tehran Governor’s Office. The judiciary claims that all the people involved in the matter have been arrested and many of them have named Rahimi as an accomplice.

Rahimi has repeatedly denied the allegations but last March he was finally indicted.