The head of Lar National Park reported the arrest of five poachers caught hunting in the protected area. Naghi Mirza Karimi told ISNA on Saturday September 6: “Lar Park rangers discovered poachers during their rounds and finally arrested the hunters after a long chase.”

The report adds that poaches had killed five animals, including two wild goats and two kids.

Mirza Karimi called for the maximum penalty for the poachers, describing their acts as “brutal murder.”

In less than 100 years, many of Iran’s unique wildlife such as the Iranian lion and the Mazandaran tiger have gone extinct.
Currently, the Iranian Cheetah (Asiatic Cheetah) is also considered to be an endangered species, and other mammals such as the Asiatic Zebra, the Iranian yellow deer, the Caspian seal, and blue and winged whales are also on the list of Iran’s endangered species. Meanwhile, the list becomes significantly longer when endangered birds and reptiles are added to it.

Loss of habitat, natural phenomena and the lack of adequate protection have been cited as the main causes of the decline of Iranian wildlife.