Iran’s Central bank says the rate of inflation has decreased by 15 percentage points. According to the Bank, Iran’s inflation rate in the past month was 23.2 percent, which is the lowest in the past two years. Last August, the inflation rate was 39 percent.

The inflation report indicates a 50-percent increase in the price of goods and services in the past three years. The report shows the highest price increases have been in housing, utilities, healthcare, restaurants and hotel services.

Last year, inflation rates reached even beyond 40 percent, and the current reports establish that inflation is now on a downward course.

Economic experts list “fiscal and budgetary discipline as well as stability in the rate of exchange and the economy” as causes of the fall in inflation.

Iran has been facing a shrinking economy in the past two years, and the Rohani administration is aiming to halt that decline by the end of the Iranian year in March.