Mostafa PourMohammadi

Iran’s Minister of Justice has announced that students who received bursaries illegally will have to pay for the costs of their studies. IRNA reports that Mostafa PourMohammadi was addressing the controversial issue of bursaries that were illegally granted to ineligible students under the former administration when he said: “A committee has been established to handle the irregularities.”

Those who have received bursaries in violation of the regulations, PourMohammadi said, will be able to continue their studies but they will have to pay tuition and they will also not be availed of the hiring and teaching privileges offered to bursary recipients.

The cancellation of illegal bursaries granted by the Ahmadinejad administration was one of the main catalysts for the impeachment of the science minister last week.

The Ministry of Science has announced that more than 3,700 people received bursaries without meeting the eligibility criteria, including a minimum GPA.

The Iranian Vice-President commented yesterday on the removal of Minister of Science Reza Farajidana, saying: “Even if 10 science ministers are changed, the issue of illegal bursaries will be pursued.”

ILNA reported earlier that according to its investigations, some of the signatories to the motion to impeach the science minister are related to recipients of illegal bursaries.