Iranian President Hassan Rohani has reacted to Parliament’s dismissal of his science minister, saying: “We must all abide by the rules of the game in the framework of the law.”

Speaking in Ardebil, Rohani said: “Today Iran’s motto is moderation and we must all walk along the path of moderation.”
“According to the law, one minister obtains a vote of confidence and another may be impeached,” Rohani said; “there is no reason to get angry because we have all accepted that we want to work together.”

Yesterday, following an impeachment session, Iranian MPs voted 145 to 110 to remove Reza Farajidana as Rohani’s minister of science and technology.

Rohani stressed: “Of course, I would have preferred that the science minister received the vote of confidence because he is one of our academic elite and we should avail ourselves of his experience as a science minister or, today, as the president’s adviser.”

Rohani appointed Farajidana as his adviser on academics and training after he lost his position as minister.

Rohani reiterated that he will abide by the rule of the majority in Parliament and the law, saying: “There is no use in stubbornness. All branches of government should work together under the guidance of the leader.”