Marzieh Afkham

Iran’s Foreign Ministry says discussions are underway regarding cooperation with European countries to address the growing tensions in Iraq and the threat posed by the extremist group Islamic State of Iraq and Levant.

ISNA reported on Wednesday August 20 that Marzieh Afkham, a foreign ministry spokeswoman, said: “The Islamic Republic has begun talks regarding the threat of terrorism and its increasing engagement with various countries including European countries” with a focus on Iraq.

She added that the ministry hopes that the talks will focus on the role and place of Iraq in these discussion and pave the way for “resolving the issue of terrorism and ISIS activities.”

On Sunday August 17, the daily newspaper The Independent reported that British Prime Minister David Cameron has called on Iranian President Hassan Rohani to “engage with the international community” in combating ISIS.

Cameron warned against the objective of the ISIS fighters to establish a “terrorist state” stretching to the “shores of the Mediterranean.”

Afkham responded to reporters’ questions about Iran’s position on the U.S. bombing of ISIS strongholds, saying Iran is against all foreign intervention unless there is a direct request from the Iraqi government.