Reza Farajidana

Iran’s Parliament has postponed the impeachment of the Minister of Science to Wednesday August 20. President Rohani’s representative in Parliament announced that Science Minister Reza Farajidan has written to Ali Larijani, the head of Parliament, to request a copy of the questions so he can prepare and expedite the process.

The report adds that it is still not confirmed who will accompany the Minister of Science to the questioning session.
His impeachment has become a hot topic in the Iranian headlines.

The motion to impeach Reza Farajidan was submitted to Parliament last Wednesday with 51 signatures. The signatories claim that the minister’s policies are counter to Iranian interests and could lead to “extremism”.

Many students and faculty members were expelled from universities during the Ahmadinejad administration. With the new administration and its moderate approach, many of these students and professors have been allowed to return, provoking conservative factions.

The investigation into the former administration’s irregular granting of bursaries has been cited by Farajidana supporters as the trigger that led to the minister’s impeachment.