The head of Iran’s Land and Document Registry says that in the past three months, there has been a four-percent increase in the rate of divorce compared to the same period last year.

The Shargh daily reported on Wednesday August 13 that Ahmad Toykarsani said: “36, 342 divorce cases have been registered at our office in the past three months, which shows a four-percent increase compared to same period last year.”
Tehran and Alborz provinces have the highest divorce and lowest marriage numbers in the country.

The head of the Family and Sexual Health Congress, Kazem Forotan, has identified sexual problems as being at the root of fifty percent of divorces in the country.

Faroba Hajali, the head of a task force to prevent divorces and strengthen families, reported in July: “According to national research, the five main reasons for asking for a divorce according to the finalized cases are: addiction to drugs, the interference of others, violence, hatred and suspicion against the partner.”

Among the other reasons are insufficient income, unemployment, a spouse’s mental problem, and sexual deviations.
The statistics reveals that 48 percent of divorce applications are initiated by men, 23 percent by women and 29 percent by agreement of the parties.

The statistics for last year reveal that marriages are on the decline while divorces are on a progressive rise.