The physical and mental health of workers in the Southern Pars Region is being threatened by suspended air contaminanants, says a senior industrial safety expert. Gholamhossein Eshghi told ILNA on Tuesday August 12 that the emergence of conditions such as autism in the region is due to the spread of pollutants in the area. He maintained that workers in the Oslouyeh region cannot donate their blood because of the contamination.

Ehshgi added that sulpur dioxide entering the air from refinery chimneys is combining with water in the air and turning into sulphuric acid, which is breathed in by the workers.

He went on to say that once the project in Oslouyeh is terminated,  workers will have to spend most of their earnings on treating the effects of these contaminants on their health.

The Department of the Environment has been trying to enlist the Oil Ministry's support in addressing environmental problems in the oil-producing regions of the country