A group of conservative MPs is making a second attempt to impeach Science Minister Reza Farajidana for allowing the return of expelled students and faculty members to universities amongst other progressive moves.

ISNA reports that a motion to impeach has been submitted to the presiding board of the Parliament with 51 signatures.

Farajidana’s critics have written that his method of leadership is “against the interests of the country and is an approach that stifles the growth of productive science.”

The MPs accuse him of “promoting extremism in universities” and demand that he be impeached by Parliament.

One of the chief reasons that the MPs are at odds with Reza Farajidana is his investigation into the irregular allotment of bursaries to ineligible students under the former administration.

The head of Parliament had called on the administration to announce a date for the minister to appear in Parliament within 10 days.

The Rohani administration’s plan to implement more moderate policies in the higher education institutions and make them more accountable has met with resistance from the conservative factions of the establishment.