Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi told reporters that the chief topics on Thursday with the US was discussions over “certain differences.” He added that both sides tried to propose ways of bringing their respective views closer to one another. He went on to say that the talks will continue in the upcoming months.

U.S. officials also announced on Friday August 8 that the direct discussions with Iran held on August 7 in Geneva were “constructive” but they refused to provide any further details to the press.

At a press conference on Friday August 8, Mary Herf, a U.S. State Department spokeswoman, said: “It was, I would say, a constructive discussion” but she added that “we’re not going to get into details.”

Deputy Iranian foreign minister Abbas Araghchi met with his U.S. counterpart, William Burns, in Geneva yesterday to discuss issues surrounding the nuclear negotiations between Iran and the world powers.

Herf also reported that the 5+1 and Iranian delegations will probably meet before the UN General Assembly convenes this September but she added that a location has not been set yet.

The parties are trying to reach a final comprehensive agreement to resolve their nuclear disputes and end the sanctions on Iran.