A spokesman for Iran’s Foreign Ministry has rejected a U.S. report about religious discrimination and restrictions in Iran. Marzieh Afkham said the U.S. State Department report about religious freedom in the world, including Iran, lacks credibility and is nothing but a “tool to pressure other countries.”

The report, published on Tuesday July 28, puts Iran on a list with Saudi Arabia, China and North Korea and others, all described as countries where the state of religious freedom is cause for special concern.

Afkham slammed the report and said it is the U.S. “that is one of the biggest violators of religious rights.”

IRNA quotes Afkham as saying: “Growing Islamophobia in the United States, systematic discrimination against Muslims and limits on religious minorities’ freedom have turned the country into a major violator of religious rights.”

She stressed that Iran’s constitution respects all religions and the freedom to practice them.