The Ministry of Labour has called on Tehran Mayor Mohammad Baghher Ghalibaf to revoke the directive for gender segregation in city offices. The ministry maintains that the directive violates the International Labour Convention’s anti-discrimination provisions.

The Shahrvand daily reports that the City of Tehran directive, which is dubbed “improving the status of women” and aims to physically separate male and female public servants, must be rescinded because Iran, as a member of the International Labour Organization, has to comply with the related requirements and obligations, and that includes refraining from discrimination in employment.

The mayor of Tehran defended his directive last week at the Tehran Mass Prayer, calling it a reflection of “religious honour.”

He stated: “Women should not spend most of their time every day next to men other than their husbands because it harms the foundation of the family.”

The move appears to be another attempt by conservative factions of the establishment to challenge the Rohani administration's efforts to allow the public greater social freedom.