Many high-polluting industrial businesses have been working night shifts to get around environmental standards set by the Department of the Environment.

The head of the Iranian Centre for Climate and Weather says such businesses have been on the Environment Department’s blacklist for a long time for trying to avoid scrutiny by operating on national holidays and night shifts.

Yousef Rashidi stressed that this practice is intensifying the air pollution produced by these industries.

Khabaronline reports that five battery smelter factories in Qom have been pinpointed by regional officials as being among the serious violators of environmental standards. Other businesses have been complaining that the high lead output from these factories affects the health of their workers.

Another violator has been identified as a medical drug factory producing penicillin. According to reports, the factory located near Qazvin has been releasing a toxic gas and has been working irregular hours to stay under the radar of government inspectors.