Iran’s foreign minister says more time is needed to reach a lasting agreement with the 5+1. At a press conference held in Vienna on July 15, Mohammad Javad Zarif said: “As we stand now, we have made enough headway to be able to tell our political bosses back home … it’s worth it to continue the process.”

Zarif has been holding talks with the U.S. foreign secretary for three days on the sidelines of the nuclear negotiations with the world powers.

The point of debate remains Iran’s enrichment capacity. Iran wants to expand its enrichment abilities to be able to independently supply the fuel needed by the Bushehr Power Plant once the supply contract with Russia expires in 2021.

A report in The New York Times today maintained that Iran has offered to limit its enrichment capacity for up to seven years.

John Kerry has expressed faith in the talks and praised the Iranian leader’s fatwa (edict) against nuclear weapons.

Kerry told reporters on July 15 that the U.S. takes the Fatwa very seriously, adding: “A fatwa issued by a cleric is an extremely powerful statement about intent. Our need is to codify it.”