The funeral that had been planned in Tehran for Mahafarid Amir Khosravi, who was hanged this week for the charge of “corruption on earth” as the main suspect in Iran’s $3-billion bank fraud, will instead be held in his native village in Roodbar.

Fararo reports that Gholamali Riyahi lawyer for the family said on Sunday that Mahafarid Khosravi’s funeral had become problematic and was raising security issues.  “One or two of the workers that were very fond of Mahafarid were arrested, and they had to be bailed out by me and the brother of the victim,” Riyahi said.

The report adds that thousands had attended the burial at Beheshte Zahra Cemetery. The family was reportedly told later that the funeral ceremony planned for Tuesday in Tehran had to be canceled to avoid further conflict with the police.

Many were arrested in connection with the $3-billion fraud for which  even MPs and top banks CEOs have been investigated.