Pirouz Arjmand

The head of the Music Department of the Ministry of Culture and Guidance has expressed dismay regarding “arbitrary individuals attacking a concert in Yazd”, adding: “This kind of action is not approved by any government body in the Islamic Republic.”

Pirouz Arjmand told ISNA: “The concert by Vahid Taj together with the group Masiha had received an official permit from our ministry in Yazd, and all of this group’s performance material is approved by the ministry.”

He went on to say that apparently, despite the permit, a number of people had some personal issues with Vahid Taj and attacked and stopped the concert, which Arjmand called “undignified.”

He stressed that these actions are not approved by the regime and are in fact “behaviour that is completely anti-regime.”

Arjmand maintained that security forces were instructed to confront the perpetrators but, he says, unfortunately that failed to happen.

The concert in Yazd was attacked by 50 protesters, who swarmed the concert hall and prevented Vahid Taj from going onstage.