Hassan Rohani Iranian president reacted to the barrage of criticism against his administration and especially his nuclear negotiating team saying some have abused the slogan of “fighting against super powers to empty the pockets of the people and to loot the people’s property.”

IRNA reported the recent statements of Rohani on Tuesday May 13 writing: “With mere slogans we cannot achieve independence and dignity, and screams and ballyhoo will not win the country any grandeur.”

Rohani’s critics claim the nuclear negotiations of his delegation so far are “incompatible with the independence and dignity” of the country and signify the destruction of Iran’s “nuclear achievements.”

The opposition to the Rohani administration has especially gained volume in recent days as the new round of nuclear talks is to begin with the 5+1.

Rohani was quoted as saying: “In this country, a number of people under the guise of confronting the super powers and fighting against them, stole from the people’s pockets and looted the people’s property.”

He warned the same could happen as “some are trying to divert our nation from the path they chose last June” by electing him as president.

Rohani has often said that some people in the country have used the sanctions to amass riches.