The “Committee for the Preservation of Iran’s interests”, which was recently established by conservative opponents of President Hassan Rohani’s administration, held a rally following the Friday Mass Prayers in Tehran, expressing concern about the administration’s handling of the nuclear negotiations.

The Fars News Agency  reports that the rally, which was held without any permits, saw demonstrators chanting slogans such as “Nuclear development is our absolute right!” and “No Compromise! No surrender! Battle with America!”

In a statement, the rally organizers state that in these current “sensitive times”, the new nuclear negotiators have acted with “haste” and “lack expertise.”

The statement also slams the administration for trying to silence opposition to its negotiation efforts by referring to the objections as acts of extremism.

The statement says their concern regarding the negotiations is that a rollback on nuclear developments in the country would translate into less nuclear energy being generated and a greater use of fossil fuels, which is contributing to the dismal state of air pollution in Iran.
Opposition to the Rohani administration and in particular the nuclear negotiations has become gradually more vociferous in recent weeks. Supporters of the Rohani government have accused the Revolutionary Guards of orchestrating this opposition.