Mahmoudreza Khavari

Iran’s international police have announced that talks with Ottawa have led to promises from Canadian authorities to look into the extradition of the former head of Melli Bank, Mahmoudreza Khavari, who is a suspect in a major financial fraud case.

Colonel Massoud Rezvani, the head of Islamic Republic’s International Police Force, reported: “We have received the documents to secure the removal of Mr. Khavari and we are following up on it in order to reach the desired result.”

Mahmoudreza Khavari is one of the chief suspects in Iran’s 30-billion-rial bank fraud of three year ago. Khavari left Iran as soon as the investigations into the matter began and is now residing in Canada.

Some reports last February indicated that Khavari might be in one of the Caribbean countries, but Rezavani stressed that according to their investigations, he is still in Canada.

Khavari’s name is cited on INTERPOL’s website as an individual being pursued by the Islamic Republic.