Evin Prison

As controversy over the alleged attack on political prisoners in Ward 350 of Evin Prison deepens, 74 prisoners have written a letter of complaint urging the Tehran Prosecutor to investigate the matter.

The Kaleme opposition website, which first reported on the alleged attack, has now published the prisoners’ letter of complaint along with the names of the wounded and details of the incident.

“On April 17 around 9:30 AM a number of officers in plainclothes together with security personnel from the prison entered Ward 350 for inspections,” the letter indicates.

The letter relates that the prisoners outside in the yard noticed that the other prisoners were being subjected to beatings by the guards, and their protests led to more intense beatings of all prisoners.

They claim 30 prisoners were transferred to solitary, and two physicians from amongst the prisoners have prepared reports of injuries sustained by 13 of the wounded .

The head of Iran’s Prison Organizations has denied that any of the prisoners were beaten by prison authorities.