The International Energy Agency says Iran’s oil sales have climbed to their highest level in the past 20 months, reaching 1.65 million barrels per day.

China, India and South Korea are pegged as the top purchasers, buying 168,000, 93,000 and 83,000 barrels per day respectively.

The report indicates that the rise is probably well beyond what the U.S. agreed to in the interim deal achieved last November.

The U.S. imposed widespread unilateral sanctions on Iran, reducing the country’s oil sales to one million barrels a day from well over 2.5 million barrels a day.

The interim deal reached between Iran and the world powers allowed for some easing of sanctions in exchange for the Iranian government taking certain steps to reduce its nuclear activities.

The parties have been meeting in order to reach a final deal before the expiry of the November deal in July of 2014.