Sattar Beheshti

The trial of a security officer accused of manslaughter in the case of detained blogger Sattar Beheshti will take place on Tuesday April 8, with the victim’s parents saying they’ll boycott the trial to protest the court’s decision to prosecute the officer for manslaughter rather than murder.

ISNA reports that the family’s lawyer, Giti Pourfazel, says Beheshti’s parents believe that the officer acted deliberately, and since they do not wish to receive any blood money, they have no reason to attend the trial.

Sattar Beheshti was arrested by the cyber police in October of 2012 and was pronounced dead a few days later while in custody.

Beheshti’s remains revealed obvious signs of torture and beating, but the coroner’s report maintained that while he had received blows, it could not be concluded that his death resulted from those blows.

The family has rejected the report and insists that the officer should be tried for murder in the first degree.