The Khabar television network reported on Thursday March 27 that Jeysh-ol-Adl has issued another threat. The Sunni militant group that abducted five Iranian border officials last February and killed one of them last Sunday has now announced that it will kill another Iranian hostage in five days it its demands are not met.

The Khabar network also reports that the group says it will exchange the remains of Jamshid Danaifar, the sergeant who was killed last Sunday, for the remains of 50 of their executed members.

People who had planned to gather in front of Pakistan’s embassy in Tehran were scattered by security forces, who said no permit had been issued for such a gathering.

A gathering was held, however, in front of the Pakistan Consulate in Mashhad, as people protested the killing of the Iranian border officer.

The Iranian president has contacted his Pakistani counterpart, calling for an all-out effort to arrest the abductors of the Iranian soldiers.