A group of Iranian farmers, growers and ranchers in Khagineh Township in Qazvin staged a protest at the offices of the Qazvin Attorney General.

Islamic Republic daily reports that protesters say they are being cut off from their land by an order of the Qazvin judiciary.

One of the protesters is quoted as saying: “For more than 400 years, our fathers have worked these lands and fields, and we have no other source of employment but farming and ranching. Now one of the landowners with the initials Q.R. is getting an order from the judiciary to cut off old villagers from working the land and is putting them in jail.”

According to the report, the farmers’ complaints have not been addressed by the authorities so far.

Earlier, farmers and ranchers had gathered in protest in front of the Qazvin Member of Parliament’s office to voice their concerns. Davood Mohammadi promised the farmers that he would look into the matter.