Iranian authorities have cancelled concerts by the musical group Lian that had been scheduled for Bushehr Day in the city of Bushehr.

The local website Bana reports that Mohsen Sahrifian, the head of Lian, said the authorities have delayed issuing permits for the band’s concerts on March 9 and 10.

The band was reportedly supposed to perform in Abpakhsh city on the occasion of Ney Anban (Iranian bagpipe) Day on March 10.

Sharifian says: “Ney Anban in the historical city of Bushehr, one of its chief origins, is not treated very well. It is held captive in the dogmatism of religious extremists and the people of Bushehr have been denied going to their Local Music Concerts and taking pleasure in the sound of Ney Anban.”

ISNA also reports that in a new round of concert cancellations, concerts by the bands Aqiq and Lian, as well as concerts by Maziar Falahi and Ehsan Khajeh Amiri have been cancelled for miscellaneous reasons.