Iranian President Hassan Rohani made an urgent call at his latest cabinet meeting for action plans to tackle the problem of air pollution across the country.

ISNA reports that on Wednesday December 4, Rohani called on the Department of the Environment, the presidential Deputy for Science and Technology and the Ministry of Health to find new and innovative ways of working together to reduce air pollution.

Rohani also urged the ministries of oil and industry to take emergency preventive measures to address air pollution concerns and called on the Environment High Council to convene in order to make special plans in this regard.

Air pollution has been of grave concern, especially in recent months, in all major cities across Iran. The capital has seen many days of public shutdown, and since November 2, 20,000 people have ended up in hospital emergency rooms in Ahwaz due to health complications linked to air pollution. The World Health Organization recently ranked Ahwaz as the most polluted city in the world.