Ayatollah Khamenei & Nasrullah

Lebanon’s Hezbollah has expressed support for the nuclear agreement reached between Iran and the world powers, calling it “a victory for the nations of the region.”

In a statement, Hezbollah writes: “This agreement is a model for all the countries, government and nations that want respect and independence.”

The statement refers to the agreement as Iran’s “great achievement” and expresses appreciation of the “active diplomacy” by this country.

Hezbollah states that the agreement is a “victory over all oppressors, occupiers and their supporters across the world” and it congratulates the Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and Iranian President Hassan Rohani for it.

Iran and the 5+1 reached a preliminary agreement last Sunday to halt sanctions against Iran in exchange for Iran’s abandonment of any further uranium-enrichment activities at the 20 percent level.