A group of citizens in Marivon staged demonstrations on Tuesday November 6, 2013 to protest the recent executions of Kurdish political prisoners.

An eyewitness told Zamaneh that the demonstrations began with roughly 80 people at around 5PM and grew as they moved along the city streets.

The report indicates that the demonstrators were scattered by security forces using electric batons.
Some reports also indicate that at least two demonstrators were arrested.

In the past week, political prisoners Habibollah Golparipour, Reza Esmaili and Shirkouh Moarefi were executed.

The sudden surge in executions has triggered concern about the fate of other political prisoners. As well as Kurdish prisoners, there is growing concern that Arab political prisoners in Khuzestan may be in imminent danger of execution.

The execution of the Kurdish prisoners has triggered a reaction from the militant Kurdish dissident group PJAK, which has announced that it will respond to the executions.

There have been several reports of deadly conflict between PJAK and Revolutionary Guards in Kurdistan in the past month.