Iranian officials say the 37-year-old man who was found alive after being hanged for drug charges is now in a coma.

IRNA reports that according to an unnamed source: “The executed smuggler has about six-percent awareness according to his attending physicians and is in danger of brain death.”

The report indicates that at this level of coma, there is no possibility of subjecting the patient to surgery.

The Minister of Justice has announced that it would be inappropriate to subject the convict to another execution.

Earlier, the justice in the case said that since a death sentence had been issued, the man would have to be hanged again, once he recovered from the first hanging.

Last Wednesday, Alireza M. was hanged in Bojnoord for the charge of drug trafficking. Twenty-four hours later he was discovered alive in the morgue. Senior religious figures have strongly opposed plans to execute the man once again upon his release from hospital.