Students at Hamadan University are continuing protests over the medical faculty's insufficient attention to the death of their fellow student.

Sahar Choveini, a nursing student, was found dead in the dorm last weekend. She was reportedly found last Friday tied to her bedposts with a scarf tied around her neck.

The official statement regarding her death says she committed suicide, but the students reject this explanation and have called for further investigation into the incident.

The family of the victim also denies the possibility of suicide and has called for greater accountability from the faculty.

The Kordpa website reports that hundreds of students gathered in front of the Dentistry Department of the Medical Sciences University, calling for further investigation into Choveini's death and expressing support for her family.

Reports indicate that the head of the university appeared among the crowds of students, but discussions became heated and protesters were not reassured by his statements.

The coroner’s report indicates that, despite the evidence of choking by the scarf, the victim's death was caused by a blow to the head.