Ali Akbar Salehi

The head of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran says four people have been arrested on charges of sabotage at one of the country’s nuclear facilities.

Ali-Akbar Salehi said these individuals were caught red-handed and are now being interrogated.

In a meeting of public security units on Saturday October 5th, Salehi said “some countries” are trying to keep Iran’s international nuclear issues from being resolved by engaging in “sabotage”. The atomic energy chief added that special orders have put new measures in place to protect the country’s nuclear facilities.

Salehi added that security units are at work in more than 10 provinces, and specialist units for countering cyber attacks on the atomic agency's computer system are working at full force to ensure the security of all the facilities.

In recent years, Iran’s nuclear facilities have been targeted by the Stuxnet virus. A number of Iranian nuclear scientists have been assassinated in separate incidents, and Iran’s intelligence ministry has attributed these attacks to Israel.