The U.S. Secretary of State emphasized Thursday that the U.S. welcomes engagement with the new Iranian administration but he added that it depends on Iran's willingness to take concrete steps to end the concerns regarding its nuclear program.

Speaking in Tokyo, John Kerry addressed the concerns of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about the new developments between Iran and the world powers. Kerry stressed: “There is nothing here that is going to be taken at face value, and we've made that clear. The president has said, and I have said, that it is not words that will make a difference, it's actions, and the actions are clearly going to have to be sufficient."

The Israeli prime minister has dismissed the Iranian president's recent statements about his political will to end the nuclear disputes, calling them a ruse.

Kerry maintained, however, that it would be “diplomatic malpractice of the worst order” if the U.S. did not explore the opportunities presented by the new Iranian administration.