Argentina has announced that Iran remains committed to participating in an investigation of the 1994 bombing of the AMIA Jewish community centre in Buenos Aires.

Argentine Foreign Minister Hector Timmerman met with his Iranian counterpart in New York and reported that Mohammad Javad Zarif has assured him that Iran will “honour all points of the agreement” aimed at shedding light on the 1994 bombing.

According to an agreement between the two countries, they will form teams to meet in Geneva and initiate the probe starting in November.

In February, the Argentine congress approved the collaboration between the two countries to create a truth commission to investigate the AMIA bombing.

Argentina has accused eight Iranians and one Lebanese of involvement in the bombing that killed 85 people and it has secured Interpol arrest warrants for them.

Iran denies any involvement in the incident but has offered to collaborate with the truth-seeking commission to shed light on the issue.