Lake Oroumiyeh

Ali Alilo, an MP for Sahbastar, has announced the launch of Parliament’s new plan to save Lake Oroumiyeh, Iran’s largest inland lake.

ISNA reports that Alilo said the new plan not only targets the recovery of Lake Oroumiyeh, it also aims to help agricultural development in the region.

He added that the new plan is even more cost-effective than the other 24 plans that have gone before it.

Without providing exact details about the plan, he added that it has been under review for months at two research centres and has now been approved.

The new government of Hassan Rohani has announced that saving Lake Oroumiyeh is one of its top priorities.

Lake Oroumiyeh has been facing declining water levels for the past 13 years, and in recent years many popular protests have focused attention on lagging government efforts to find a solution.