Mowlana Abdolhamid

Mowlana Abdolhamid, the senior leader of the Sunni community in Zahedan, says he’s disappointed that no Sunni ministers were included in Hassan Rohani’s proposed administration.

Mowlana Abdolhamid’s press office reports that in the Fetre Eid mass prayers, the Sunni Imam told worshippers that there are several “powerful and eligible” Sunni leaders that could have been included in the new cabinet and that he had proposed the presence of “at least two Sunni ministers” in the administration.

He added that he has been told there is great resistance from Parliament against many of the new president’s cabinet choices.

Mowlana Abdolhamid stressed that Mr. Rohani should go on and propose his own choices to Parliament and defend those choices. If Parliament should still decide to reject his choices, then it would at least be apparent that it is Parliament’s resistance and not his.

He stressed that he urges the new government to consider the rights of all ethnic and religious minorities in the administration of the country.