Afshin Osanloo

A commemoration ceremony for Afshin Osanloo, the Iranian labour activist who passed away 40 days ago in Rejaishahr Prison, was held in Beheshte Zahra Cemetery amid heavy security measures.

The mother of the deceased activist, Fatemeh Gulgizi, told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran that she has made a formal complaint against prison authorities for the death of her son.

Authorities attributed Osanloo’s death to “cardiac arrest”, but the family claims he had no history of heart complications.

Gulgizi accuses prison authorities of failing to transfer Osanloo to hospital facilities in time, adding that hospital personnel have informed her that her son was long dead before arriving at their facility.

Afshin Osanloo, 42, and his brother Mansour Osanloo were imprisoned for their involvement in the Sherkat Vahed Bus Drivers Union.

Afshin Osanloo was sentenced to five years in prison in 2009 for assembly and colluding against national security.