Iran’s Central Bank says the inflation rate has reached 34 percent, three percentage points higher than calculations released by the National Statistics Centre.

The Mehr News Agency reports that according to the Central Bank report, the inflation rate has by 34 percent in the past 12 months compared to the 12 months preceding.

Last month, the rate was set at 30.5 percent by the Central Bank.

The National Statistics Centre, which uses different criteria for its calculations, announced earlier that the inflation rate in the past 12 months had reached 31 percent. The centre also reported that food items have seen the highest price increases, and with another 3.5 percent added to prices this month, the rate of inflation for food in the past twelve months can be set at 51.9 percent.

The head of the Central Bank, Mahmoud Bahmani, announced that all efforts to control rising inflation have failed.

Iranian Parliament reports that Iran is suffering its worst inflation rate in the past 17 years, with the highest rate in the Middle East and sixth-highest in the world.