Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have announced their readiness to offer complete cooperation to incoming president Hassan Rohani.

Following the victory of Hassan Rohani in the presidential election of June 14, the IRGC issued a statement saying: “We are fully prepared to cooperate with the future administration in the framework of all our legitimate duties and missions,”

The Mehr News Agency adds that the announcement goes on to say that the participation of the people in the election speaks to “the political savvy and insightfulness of the people of Iran and their response to the leader’s request.”

Iran’s Supreme Leader had urged widespread participation in the election, saying even those who did not agree with the regime should still take part to protect the country’s interests.

The IRGC writes: “The grand and passionate presence of the people in the election on the one hand began a new chapter in the evolutionary movement of the Islamic Revolution and the progress of the country, and on the other hand, signaled another defeat for the enemies’ front.”